Freya, a second year classicist at Univ, has the all consuming task of leading O.U.Ba.C to greater successes this year. She has had a very busy first year with the club, throwing herself into training , social events and leading baking sessions for the squad; all of which has culminated in a bitter, bitter rivalry with Pippa for 'best mum' of the club. With a steely attention to detail and excellent organisational skills, I'm sure she'll thrive in her new role, whilst ensuring she still has time to bake chocolate brownies for me to pilfer.

Freya Lambert


Tom is a 3rd Year DPhil Statistician, and our resident fact checker. Be it the constitution, BWF regulations, or who won the Thomas Cup in 2002, Tom’s got you covered. Hailing from Bath University (I presume), Tom is known to always give it his all, whether it is on court, on the bevs, or on the post night out chips. Armed with the experience of the MCRs political drama, and plenty of ideas for the coming year; the squad is sure to prosper under his watchful eye.

Tom Hadfield

Vice President

Alumni Rep

Alex, a 2nd year Economics and Management student, has decided to begin his long career of staring at spreadsheets and persuading people to part with their money by becoming the treasurer of OUBaC. Alex is known off-court for his happy demeanour, although a year chasing debts may end that, and on-court for his Liu-dicrous jump smash!

Alex Liu


What could be more mind-numbing than having to sort out all of OUBaC's local league matches across three different leagues? That's right, having to do it twice because the club suddenly had most of its external court time cancelled. It's a situation that Matt, a third year Physicist at St Anne's, dealt with admirably last year and his return to the OUBaC office lends some much needed experience to this youthful committee. On court, Matt combines dogged determination with a *cough cough* effective flick serve with remarkable success - local league opponents beware!

Matt Brint


Sam is a third year physicist at St Peter's (I'd never heard of it either) who enjoyed being M1 captain so much that he decided to reprise his role for a second year. A skilled man-manager, minibus driver and the only living person who knows how to operate the BUCS Play App, Sam is the man tasked with leading M1 to BUCS Premier glory (read: mid table mediocrity) and retaining the varsity trophy in 2021. Having recently become vegan, he will be working to ensure that both his diet and score sheets are devoid of eggs for the foreseeable future; experience shows that can be easier said than done!

Sam Wilson

Men's 1st Team Captain

Hailing from Cheshire is your newest W1 captain, Sophie Taylor. As an incoming second-year engineer, she’s well versed in the mechanics behind the behaviour of the badminton shuttlecocks. Additionally, fuelled by the nutrients of chocolate soya milk, it comes to no one’s surprise that her singles, doubles, and mixed games are all unmatched. Sophie appears to be unfazed in many aspects of her life, despite the many different sources of pressure Oxford requires. How does she do it? Well, when asked, she attributes it to “having a banana and sitting outside for a while”, a motto she carried with her to BUCS league matches and Varsity. Thus, we’re confident in Sophie’s ability to lead the next W1 team to victory (and most importantly, victory against Loughborough 2).

Sophie Taylor

Women's 1st Team Captain

As one of the club's most skilled singles players, Anuj knows the importance of good movement on court. It's why he never fails to practice his footwork on the Cheese floor at Parkend on Wednesdays, before heading down to Iffley for additional shadow at the 0630 open session. When not playing Badminton, or reminiscing about that time he beat his brother in a BUCS match in 2018, Anuj can apparently be found studying some interesting (doubtful) and useful (extremely doubtful) mathematics. He takes charge of an M2 team which has enjoyed surprising success in BUCS in the last couple of seasons but has been starved of varsity glory - for now, at least.

Anuj Doshi

Men's 2nd team Captain

A 2nd year Law student at Corpus Christi College, Sampada has taken on the role of W2 captain with the huge support of both the team and the club. She is undoubtedly of a strong and reliable nature and will certainly keep W2 in good shape with her charming smile and amazing girl power. The toughest challenge she faces will be to fight off the other captains who want court time, because it's not rare to find every court occupied by unstoppable, very committed W2 players. Sampada leads a team whose thunderous performance (and cheering!) at Varsity shows that they're a force to reckon with.

Sampada Venkatesh

Women's 2nd Team Captain

Yuhang, a third year PhD student, is an extremely committed member of OUBaC. Having taken massive strides in his own development, he is looking to pass on his motivation to the rest of the M3 team, who are looking to reclaim their Varsity title. With his boundless energy and constant smile, he is looking forward to the challenges of stimulating M3- let’s hope he can push them to future glory!

Yuhang Song

Men's 3rd Team Captain

As unconventional as it might be, it's hard to argue with Ian's patented 'you only have to start trying in February' philosophy, as he backed up a Full Blue-earning run at BUCS Individuals with a dominant performance in the varsity match, winning all four of his matches. Ian's penchant for last-minute preparation won fewer admirers in the club when it came to organising matches in his first season in charge of the mixed team, with the words 'I forgot we had a mixed match tonight, who can play?' appearing in group chats on a fortnightly basis. His agreement to return to the role sparked confusion in many quarters, with some commentators pointing to blackmail as the likely cause.

Ian Ho

Mixed Team Captain

Keen to learn the ways of the web, Lucien, a 2nd year physicist, has become OUBaC’s latest IT Officer. His main objectives this year are to grow OUBaC’s loyal social media fan base, keep the club connected in lockdown and win a game of doubles at Varsity. When he isn’t playing badminton, Lucien can be found trying (in vain) to convince the porters to let the club into St Peter’s bar.

Lucien Mulberg

IT Officer

Taking the helm as purveyors of organised fun, Becky and Lucien are both second years who can boast an excellent, and mostly incident free, record at socials throughout their first year. Their election marks a dramatic (and welcome) reduction in the average age of the Entz team, prompting speculation that the club will be transitioning from Brunch to Bridge for its staple social activities! Their main duties this year are to help ensure that the club remains a welcoming and friendly place to be and organise the Annual and Varsity Dinners. Pizza Express, anyone?!

Becky Xia & Lucien Mulberg

Entz Reps

In what is believed to be the first major change to have taken place in Oxford since the 1550's, we welcome Siam and Pippa to the committee this year as the first ever Welfare Reps! Siam is a third year Chemist who balances his free time between Badminton and Ballroom (we're still waiting for evidence of improved footwork tbh), whilst Pippa is a 3rd year DPhil student who can normally be found explaining why plants are so great. Their job, and interest, is to signpost appropriate welfare resources offered by Sportsfed and the wider university for the benefit of our members. They're also happy to talk, in confidence, about any Badminton-related issues that you might want to discuss.

Pippa Sinclair & Siam Rahman

Welfare reps

A first year DPhil student in Chemical Biology, Michael is never more in his element than when running clubnight sessions at iffley. Michael's calm, welcoming and organised presence off-court belies his tenacity on court, as previous opponents of the Jesus cuppers team will attest! As the primary representative for Clubnight on the committee, he is also the first point of contact for anyone looking to get involved in recreational Badminton at Oxford.

Michael Platt

Clubnight Director