Michelle is a 3rd-year lawyer who has decided to add to what must be an insignificant finalist workload by taking on the all-powerful (and all-consuming) role of OUBaC President. After leading W1 to a resounding victory in Var-'its the only match that matters'-sity, she hopes to inspire the club to show at least as much commitment as her W1 team showed throughout the whole of last year!

Michelle Luo



Tom is in the 2nd year of a DPhil in Mathematics. As secretary, vice president and IT officer Tom is clearly trying to spice up the boredom of doing maths all day with a little bit of paperwork. On court, Tom wears down his opponents with solid, unwavering shots and a cool, tactical mindset, as evidenced by his mastery of all possible variations of the clear. When he isn’t picking apart algorithms, or the weaknesses of his opponent’s backhand, Tom can be found in his favourite place – the pub.

Tom Johnston

Vice President


IT Officer


A steady, competent level-headed character whose commitment to the club is greatly appreciated. Hailing from the land of Cheshire, Jack’s pastimes include jazz appreciation, chemistry appreciation, and reflecting on his time as M2 captain. Some say his resemblance is somewhat of Jesus. Whether or not this is because he has been infected by his college is unknown, but what is known is that he will keep the club accounts in shape. What’s more, his previous treasurer has not left him with any chasing up to do, so Jack will not have to perform any miracles.

Jack Hayward Cooke



Having completed calculus, Andrew is looking to fill his abundance of free time by taking the helm of M1. Although his recruitment methods are unconventional, we hope wiichat will be able to provide strength and depth to the squad this year. His strong tactical (C) game, and resilience both on and off the court stand him in good stead for the upcoming season. Part teddy bear, part shark, let’s hope he lasts longer than his average time on a night out.

Andrew Zhu

Men's 1st Team Captain


Since joining the club, Rachel has input valuable cheering at Varsity and boosted many a game with her iconic Scottish 'GO!'. Her Scottish nature, giving her enthusiasm both on court and while drinking, will undoubtedly make her a great and well-loved captain.

Rachel Lu

Women's 1st Team Captain


Visionary, encyclopaedia, M2 Captain. After securing 4 years of sweet DPhil stats funding, Tom ‘Ladfield’ Hadfield - as he is affectionately known by himself - is in the early embers of a OUBaC career surely set for the history books. An emperor of quantitative analysis, Tom’s number-crunching ensured he not only masterminded a narrow victory in his debut singles varsity match, but also calculated his way into our hearts.

Yet, although Tom ‘smashed’ the Tabs, ‘served’ up great banter, and ‘lifted’ our spirits when we were down, 2017/8 was not all plain sailing for our favourite bespectacled Cheshire lad. This year Mr. H was forced to wrestle with the divorce from his first love - the University of Bath. But time, copious brunches, and shiny new Oxford stash, heals...

Aside from wildly obscure golf trivia, expect more unwelcome updates from Exeter’s MCR, more poor chat, more nostalgia about all things Bath, more memes from an astonishingly endless supply, and more celebratory walks into the tramlines when he put a big right hand to the floor (wins a point). I think I speak for the club when I say I love Tom Hadfield.

Tom Hadfield

Men's 2nd team Captain


Leasha takes over as this year’s W2 captain. A 2nd year medic at Oriel, her enthusiasm and dedication knows no bounds (as does her ability to do the splits when lunging too far). Leasha will be sure to keep the team spirit and commitment high and we know this team is in safe hands for local league matches and the all-important Varsity.

Leasha John

Women's 2nd Team Captain


Anuj, a 2nd year mathematician, may love to go clubbing but badminton always comes first (sometimes he even has a shower in between). As his predecessor dumps M3 in the top division this year, Anuj looks to train up M3 quicker than he kills off tabs at Varsity dinner pre-drinks. Anuj would also like to invite everybody to his flute recital, stay tuned for details!

Anuj Doshi

Men's 3rd Team Captain



Mixed Team Captain


A political scientist in the 3rd year of his DPhil, Jacob will need to put his theories on Dictatorships into practice if he is to keep the alumni in line at the annual dinner. Whilst Jacob's tendency to play every point at 200mph and to mumble incoherently have lead some commentators to compare him to the Tasmanian Devil, make no mistake: He is a formidable presence on court and once his shoulder is fully healed will (so we hear) be a match for anyone. After his varsity was tragically cut short this year due to suspect floorboards, Jacob will be looking to nail down a spot in M1 and ensure it is the Tabs who recieve the knockout blow in 2019.

Jacob Nyrup

Alumni Rep


Anuj Doshi & Grace Beswick

Entz Reps

anuj.doshi@exeter.ox.ac.uk grace.beswick@hertford.ox.ac.uk

Ser Jay Tan

Clubnight Director



League and Cuppers Secretary