OUBaC Welcome Tournament 2018

To those who are coming up to Oxford for the first time, welcome! To those returning for another year, welcome back! The Clubnight session on Sunday of 3rd Week (21st October, 13:30-15:30 at Iffley Rd. Sports Centre) will take the form of a fun, team-based tournament and is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know fellow Badminton enthusiasts in a relaxed setting.

The tournament is open to all students and staff within the university. To enter, simply fill out the Google Form here. Guests are most welcome to sign up although in the event of the tournament being oversubscribed, priority will normally be given to OUBaC members.

Teams will be drawn on the day, (hopefully) in such a way that each team has a fair chance of winning.

If you have any queries regarding the tournament, or are experiencing difficulties in signing up, please contact Tom Hadfield (thomas.hadfield@exeter.ox.ac.uk).

17 September 2018