Jun-An Tan



Returning to the club straight from the beach off the last-minute acceptance of his application to replace Chris as OUBaC Resident, Alex has sought to consolidate his power by taking up the roles of M1 Captain and Club Vice-President. His notable achievements last season include the revival of a badminton fashion statement that was better off dead, the scaring-off of lesser challengers with said fashion statement, and finally bringing some left-arm into his badminton game.

Alex Cloake

Vice President

Men's 1st Team Captain


Hailing from the north, 3rd year engineer Adam takes over as treasurer this year. Passionate, enthuasiatic, and unafraid to challenge a decision (typically against some debateable line calls-mostly his own), he is not one to shy away from conflict. Oubac's finances will be strictly governed by his iron fist, so be warned. Outside of badminton, Adam is partial to good ol' chips an' gravy, can be found shedding many a tear over Logan; and self identifies as Oubac's #1 road trip disc jockey.

Adam Milner



Jack Hayward Cooke



Michelle Luo

Women's 1st Team Captain


Zehan Chen

Men's 2nd team Captain


Amy takes over as this year’s Women’s Seconds captain. A 2nd year mathematician at Corpus, her enthusiasm and drive will be sure to lead the team onto further successes. Along with Michelle, we know that the women’s squad is in safe hands and that Cambridge had better watch out for yet another Oxford victory!

Amy Shao

Women's 2nd Team Captain


As a break from his abode in the pub, Tom often chances to training, but afterwards he is quick to return to his natural habitat. It seems that his steady commitment to beverages is matched only by his consistent attendance at training. When he isn’t writing stupid animations or fixing the terrible code left by his predecessor and his predecessor’s predecessor, Tom will be keeping the website running in his third year as IT Officer and keeping M3 running as their new captain.

Tom Johnston

Men's 3rd Team Captain

IT Officer


Moving from Entz Rep to Mixed Captain in the footsteps of her illustrious predecessor, Polly has shown that she has an unquenchable thirst for shots of all varieties. When she's not net killing shuttles like flies with a fly swat, you'll find her sliding into the splits to the horror of opponents and mixed partners alike. Her colourful personality (and hair) will ensure that the team stay bright, in the hope of securing the true 18-0 destruction of Cambridge in the upcoming Mixed Varsity.

Polly Thisdell

Mixed Team Captain


Lisa is best known for her excellent minutes, the only 21-egg varsity victory and her frying pan grip. Rumours are she is secretly perfecting her recipe of pan fried eggs topped with varsity hype, in preparation for the furious challenges of organising a single match and leading the current squad team in the prestigious alumni rep role. Drawing from the experience of witnessing the Lisa’s special: a perfectly pan fried tab completed with a runny yolk cooked to perfection; the alumni might as well resort to making some baked beans.

Lisa Pearson

Alumni Rep


New recruits Jacob and Tim join the entz rep of yesteryear Bertina to take the reigns of the OUBaC social scene. Jacob and Tim possibly made it to two socials last year between them, but that's all about to change! Bertina has been everpresent at OUBaC socials when not prioritising Lacrosse ones... Exciting times lie ahead for OUBaC.

Jacob Nyrup, Tim Riley & Bertina Ho

Entz Reps

tim.riley@some.ox.ac.uk jacob.nyrup@nuffield.ox.ac.uk bertina.ho@st-annes.ox.ac.uk

Michael Lin

Clubnight Director


Scott Frazer

League and Cuppers Secretary