Ben is a 3rd year biochemist at St Anne’s College. He achieved fame last year with his tight reign on the OUBaC finances throughout his time as treasurer, which he will no doubt benefit from during the coming year. With his rise to power, he may finally be able to convince people that Anne’s is the best place to hold badminton socials, and is certainly not too far away. Ben is looking to lead OUBaC to another 5-0 win over Cambridge in 2017.

Ben Mynors-Wallis


Following a highly successful stint as Entz rep last season, leaving our M1 captain in various states of disorder, Ben has taken up the role of vice-president. We hope Ben can bring his diplomatic charm to the office, helping to grind down SportsFed and cast a wise, experienced eye over OUBaC’s youthful committee.

Ben Hartridge

Vice President

Alan, a third year mathematician at Trinity, will be taking charge of the club’s finances this year. With a relentless charm off-court and a jump smash to be feared on it, we hope Alan can transfer those skills to be equally ruthless in sorting receipts, collecting payments and ordering shuttles.

Alan Cheung


Lisa is a 2nd year lawyer at oriel college. Fresh off a stellar performance at the Varsity Match, which included collecting the only egg from all the matches, she'll be looking to channel some of that success towards managing OUBaC's paperwork. With Lisa responsible for organising local league fixtures, Badminton England registration and other administrative matters, the club will be in good hands this year.

Lisa Pearson


Since joining OUBaC in Michaelmas 2015 Jun-An has had an immediate impact both on and off court. He gained a Full Blue in his first year, went deep in BUCS Individuals and played a key role in M1's dominant Varsity performance. Notable performances off-court include gaining a drink named after him in his first year, failing to go deep in the Varsity night out and playing a key role in securing the club a ban from Baliol MCR.

Jun-An Tan

Men's 1st Team Captain

Melody Hoay

Women's 1st Team Captain

Jack Hayward-Sloth are tropical mammals that live in the UK. They use their long reach from their arms and rackets to reach shuttles that are far away from them, enabling them to reach shots that other animals can only dream of. Unfortunately for the sloth, their long reach make lunging difficult, so they spend most of their time sliding around instead so they have to move less. For the most part, a sloth's life revolves around running training sessions. The only times these mammals leave their natural habitat will be to shoe the tabs at tabland.

Jack Hayward Cooke

Men's 2nd team Captain

Following on from a great Varsity result, Christine takes over as Women's Seconds captain. A fourth year medic at Green Templeton College, she is always cheerful and her enthusiasm shines through both on and off court. Christine will be sure to keep the team spirit and commitment levels high as the Seconds aim to continue their streak of six Varsity victories.

Christine Shi

Women's 2nd Team Captain

Stepping up the the mantle for the 3rd team this year is Mike. He played a key role in gaining a third consecutive varsity victory for the 3rds last year. Mike is known for his tremendous commitment, knee high compression socks and obsession for footwork drills. Mike will be looking to secure a fourth consecutive varsity victory and a promotion to the premiership of the Oxfordshire league. With Mike as captain, the 3rd team can look forward to using less shuttles during training and more footwork drills, but more importantly, a great leadership and friend. Also, during his free time from badminton, he does Physics as a subject and is in his fourth year at St Hildas.

Mike Yuan

Men's 3rd Team Captain

Bertina's steady hand at the wheel will surely keep the mixed team on the road this year. Her boundless enthusiasm for badminton will drive the team forward; her hunger for victory is surpassed only by her passion for food. Cambridge had better ditch their hopes for Mixed Varsity already!

Bertina Ho

Mixed Team Captain

Although Kunz has sidestepped the traditional route to the pinnacle of OUBaC power, the position of Alumni Rep remains in good hands. Though a successful combination of newsletter writing (or just words in general) and being an engineer is not oft found, Kunz has proven himself to be no ordinary engineer with an ability to pilot anything with 2 wheels, 4 wheels, rotors or wings AND the ability to lead M2 to a double figure victory in Varsity once again. Viva la Kunz!

Kunz Chow

Alumni Rep

The OUBaC social scene looks set for a fantastic year in the hands of this trio. Alex and Polly have been invaluable additions to the social side of the club this year, boasting seriously impressive attendance records at OUBaC events. Melody's there sometimes… But to be fair, she knows her way around Oxford's clubs. Exciting times in store.

Polly Thisdell, Alex Cloake & Melody Hoay

Entz Reps

Michael Lin

Clubnight Director

Although he claimed to 'Already have too much to do, and not enough time', Branoc couldn't turn down an opportunity to tell people when and where to play badminton. Often found on the floor cursing his knees at the end of points, it's a miracle he's never actually damaged them.

Branoc Richards

League and Cuppers Secretary

With outlandish claims that he 'understands how the website works' and is 'at least as good as last year’s IT Officer' Tom, a 4th year mathematician at LMH, is looking to fix the mistakes his predecessor made. For his second consecutive year in OUBaC’s most important role Tom is looking to beat the Tabs in both badminton and the Alexa rank.

Tom Johnston

IT Officer