Chris Lim, a DPhil Engineer, now in his 6th year at OUBaC has stepped up to take the reigns as a way to fill up his days, since he is rarely seen in the lab. Hot off a superb half-marathon run he hopes to whip the club members into shape and lead them to further victories through his own two-pronged approach:1. jazzminton; 2. shunning socials/heavy drinking sessions.

Chris Lim


Laura McClaren now takes up the role of overseer and purveyor in truth, justice and fairness within the world of an OUBaC committee meeting as its second ever VP.

Laura McLaren

Vice President

Since the emotional rollercoaster of last years varsity where Ab captained the 3rds to their first ever victory over Cambridge in a number of years, Ab has been informed by the health and safety rep that he should take more of a back seat office role this year. Therefore as our new treasurer he shall be in charge of the bank account, buying shuttles, sorting receipts and be a bit more ruthless getting Cambridge to pay their debts than his predecessor.

Abhijeet Tavare


Clinton "Chairman" Lau is a part-time Biochemistry DPhil student, part-time revolutionary. He enjoys diving across the court and doing the splits against weaker opponents, making his matches more equal. However against anyone who poses a threat, Clinton shows no mercy. He has been instrumental in the past success of the club with two successful years as captain under his belt and we hope he will continue this forward on the long march to restoring local league dignity. A partnership with Clim Il-Sung at the helm of OUBaC is a frightening prospect.

Clinton Lau


George is a 3rd year studying engineering, economics and management at the home of badminton, Wadham College. His incredible determination and calmness under pressure are assets of a true leader, and he will be sure to bring the best out of the team in every match. George will look to replace 'the windmill', a legacy of the previous captain, with 'the hammer', which I hope we will all get a chance to work on in training. I am sure George will lead the team to an extremely successful season. They don’t call him Supermann for nothing!

George Heinemann

Men's 1st Team Captain

Emily, a 3rd year historian at Queens, is never seen without a smile on her face. However do not let this chipper and bubbly personality mislead you. Gremily makes the most of her full 5ft in height to dominate the net earning the nickname 'net ninja'. Fresh from a huge win captaining the two mixed varsity teams, we have no doubt Emily will lead the ladies to the promotion they narrowly missed out on this year.

Emily Giles

Women's 1st Team Captain

Alex is a 3rd year Biochemist student who will be looking to apply his admirable dedication to Park End Wednesdays to the men's 2nd team. Known for his signature cross-court net shot we are sure he will be able to deliver another successful league and varsity campaign in deceptive badminton style.

Alex Cloake

Men's 2nd team Captain

Sarah Toh is a second year geographer at Jesus and is a sweet and lovely individual, on and off court. But do not let her soft temperament lull you into a false sense of security....the power that this girl can produce is surprising even to those of us who have been playing with her for the past year. It's a trick that will catch you out more than once. A little gem with a big heart.

Sarah Toh

Women's 2nd Team Captain

Joe, a third year chemist at LMH, will be looking to carry on from a very successful year for the thirds. He is known amongst the team for his sharp net kills, ability to thrive under pressure and for carrying the beloved team towel. Throughout the year he has shown commitment and dedication, and we are sure that he will be able to lead the thirds to another solid performance in the Oxfordshire league and Varsity.

Joe Barker

Men's 3rd Team Captain

Having been OUBaC's stalwart supporter for some time now, a no-longer-injured Rachael is a second year geographer looking to make her hotly anticipated debut this year. She'll be taking on the captaincy of the mixed team and whipping it into shape, no doubt with great success. Something also tells us that the first team men's captain will be playing a lot of mixed this year...

Rachael Kershaw

Mixed Team Captain

Al (also answers to the call of Reedo) is a veteran of 4 OUBaC committees who has once again stepped up to the joint responsibility of Alumni Rep and Health and Safety Officer. Renowned for coming up with creative reasons (usually some sort of injury or previous night drinking escapade) to explain his latest loss or absence at training, this excuse-generating, perma-injured "machine" is the person trusted to maintain our links with former alum and to keep us all safe on court. Heaven help us all.

Al Reed

Alumni Rep

Robynne is one of the most lively members during squad socials, that is until she has to be taken to bed at 9:30. A remarkable lightweight making her endless fun on the dance floors of Oxford. Aiming to prolong her joyous presence at welcome drinks to 9:45 this year.

Robynne George

Entz Rep

JoeSko loves Park End. JoeSko loves free champagne in Park End. Expect Wednesday squad socials to follow his tried and tested formula of Iffley, Red Star, cup of tea in Spoons, Park End. Rumours abound that he is targeting a full 2 glasses of wine and 3 cups of tea at welcome drinks. Watch out Freshers!!

Joe Skornia

Entz Rep

I have started playing badminton since I was in High School, and keep playing it as my hobby since then. I am now studying towards a DPhil degree in Organic Chemistry. For leisure, I enjoy cooking Thai food and of course playing badminton.

Yao Mekareeya

Clubnight Director

I've been playing badminton occasionally for many years. I joined clubnight because it is a great way to play badminton under no pressure, to keep fit, and to meet lots of new people.

Richard Lau

Clubnight Director

Hey guys, my name's Rory and I'm a second year physicist from St Anne's. I've been a part of our college badminton club for the last year and play in the inter-college matches every week. My role in the university club is to establish the leagues for the forthcoming year and to regularly provide the college captains with useful information.

Rory Irwin

League and Cuppers Secretary

Stephen is a 7th year veteran of the OUBaC committee making him a true stalwart of the club. Having held the majority of the positions on the committee at some point in time, rumours abound that he has started creating new positions on the committee just so he can fill a new role at the club. His job this year is primarily to deliver breaking news in a timely manner to our thousands of expectant fans on Twitter.

Stephen Bedford

IT Officer