Alina "the python" Gerasimenko is a second year lawyer from Univ. Her Russian heritage allows her to down huge quantities of wine with no ill effects (not true). Known as a real ‘go-getter’, Alina is not afraid to take on any challenge, no matter how resilient/unwitting.

Alina Gerasimenko


Tim was our Entz rep last year, but he still struggles to down a beer,
On court he’ll put up a fight, but his chinos are way too tight,
We saw him chunder in a bin and that’s why we all love Tim!

Tim Barendt

Vice President

George, a second year engineer from Wadham, has inherited this position from his "mother". He intends to be just as efficient in this role though by implementing a decidedly lighter touch, effectively ending the previous reign of terror. The committee merely hope that his bromance with a certain captain will not cloud his judgment in allocating club funds.

George Heinemann


Josh is a 3rd year Maths student at Wadham. He takes over the role from an eminent member of the club and will have to do his utmost to keep the club in order to avoid a Cherian-esque local league disaster this season. Is he up to the task of battling with Badminton England? Only time will tell...

Previously a General of the Mauritian army, don’t let Josh’s boyish good looks fool you. Known for his militant use of cross nets and his arsenal of useless facts, Josh is hoping to keep the OUBaC squad in perfect formation.

Josh Bappoo


The nicest guy in badminton, Joesko has been known to charm his opponents into submission. If that doesn’t work, he draws on two other options: run them to the ground or bore them to death with his relentless consistency. Follow the tradition of ‘interesting’ badminton styles set by the previous captain, Joe encourages the use of ‘the windmill’ at all times.

Joe Skornia

Men's 1st Team Captain

One half of the infamous 'pain' twins, Sarah has quickly familiarised herself with her fellow committee members. A second year earth scientist from Worcester, she hopes to take full advantage of the new entz budget (/rep) next year once she's drinking again.

Sarah Payne

Women's 1st Team Captain

Stephen may sometimes look as though he's made of rubber, but his nerves of steel will undoubtably lead the Men's 2nd team to victory this year!

Stephen Bedford

Men's 2nd team captain

Robynne is a 2nd year medic from LMH following in the proud family tradition of captaining despite being too injured to play. A renowned lightweight, her achievements include winning a boat race at initiations, bringing a bottle of wine to formal and leaving with it unopened and such insightful declarations as 'lights are light'. As ditsy as she is adorable and loved by all.

Robynne George

Women's 2nd Team Captain

Ab, a 2nd year medic at Balliol, hopes to continue the upward momentum of the thirds team and establish them in the 2nd division in the Oxfordshire league. It'll be a tough job, especially having lost his doubles partner Ben to the 'real world', but we're sure he's up to the task.

Ab Tavare

Men's 3rd Team Captain

A 2nd year historian from Queens, Emily may seem sweet and quiet but she's a silent killer at the net. One of the few non-scientists who has ventured onto a badminton court, the mixed team is in good hands!

Emily Giles

Mixed Team Captain

Sexy Maus/Angel Face/Justin, after a meteoric rise through the ranks has reached the pinnacle of OUBaC: Health & Safety Rep. He will also be our President. Al will make use of his renowned organisational skills to delegate work as much as possible and though his 'badter' needs working on, he is guaranteed to put us in the 'zone' for a fantastic year of badminton. We beliebe.

Al Reed

Alumni Rep

Camilla Yang

Entz Rep

Micky Nairn

Entz Rep

Shermin Goh

Clubnight Director

Imogen Parry

Clubnight Director

Yi Lee

Clubnight Director

David Primer

League and Cuppers Secretary

Nick enjoys the finer things in life, wining and dining on the high table, but he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. Rumoured to run 10 miles a day and destroying marathons, our IT officer is a fitness machine who can outlast any opponent. And with a keen eye for photography, he knows what looks good and how to look good on court.

Nick Hale

IT Officer

Chris Lim

IT Officer