Sexy Maus/Angel Face/Justin, after a meteoric rise through the ranks has reached the pinnacle of OUBaC: Health & Safety Rep. He will also be our President. Al will make use of his renowned organisational skills to delegate work as much as possible and though his 'badter' needs working on, he is guaranteed to put us in the 'zone' for a fantastic year of badminton. We beliebe.

Alistair Reed


Alina "the python" Gerasimenko is a second year lawyer from Univ. Her Russian heritage allows her to down huge quantities of wine with no ill effects (not true). She is looking forward to her duties this year and aims to be the most effective and intimidating treasurer the club has ever had.

Alina Gerasimenko


Stephen has been Men's 3rd team captain, treasurer and now secretary. Usually a quiet and thoughtful gentleman, on the court he is a tough competitor with a ferocious smash. Stephen is looking to use his experience to keep the new president in check.

Stephen Bedford


Mike 'the grit' Senior is a post grad at Lincoln. Mike is an ex-rower and fitness freak (times have changed since Buffham was captain) and plans to work the squad into some kind of shape. When he is not in the gym Mike spends most of his time doing his hair or forcing the freshers to drink too much wine...

Mike Senior

Men's 1st Team Captain

Kathryn is a 2nd year medic at Magdalen who is looking forward to driving the team to matches with considerable more punctuality than her predecessor and having a doubles partner for longer than the day before Varsity.

Kathryn Hunt

Women's 1st Team Captain

Back for another bite at this now auspicious apple, Chairman Lau returns to lead the 2nd team onwards on court (not just to the pub) and upwards (hopefully) in the league. In his spare time Clinton enjoys the company of his beloved guitar, in fact one could say he has a bit of a thing for playing with strings. Although, unlike past members of his team, not wearing ones that begin with a 'G'.

Clinton Lau

Men's 2nd team captain

One half of the infamous 'pain' twins, Sarah has quickly familiarised herself with her fellow committee members. A second year earth scientist from Worcester, she hopes to take full advantage of the new entz budget (/rep) next year once she's drinking again.

Sarah Payne

Women's 2nd Team Captain

Nick enjoys the finer things in life, wining and dining on the high table, but he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. Rumoured to run 10 miles a day and destroying marathons, our 3rds captain is a fitness machine who can outlast any opponent. And with a keen eye for photography, he knows what looks good and how to look good on court.

Nick Hale

Men's 3rd Team Captain

Rachel 'still a perv' Kenny has become the Mixed Captain after running the team last year alongside her minor role with the Women's 1sts. The once reliable 21:00 Kenny train is considered to be well and truly de- railed after badminton socials have resulted in her "years in Oxford : times ejected from clubs" ratio at an impressive 1.0 . Next stop: the back door via the cheese floor.

Rachel Kenny

Mixed Team Captain

To Be Written

Laura McLaren

Alumni Rep

Tim's a 4th year Christchurch chemist and last years OUBaC president,
This year he's responsible for socials and general OUBaC merriment.
His dedication to the cause is definitely true,
As last year during varsity he dyed his hair bright blue.
We look forward to crewdates followed by drinks at park end,
So three cheers to Tim, OUBaC's very best friend.

Tim Barendt

Entz Rep

Ivan is a first year MPhil in Economics, originally from Bulgaria (insert witty East European joke here); he's been using clubnight badminton as a procrastination device for a year now and is looking forward to being even more successful through the Director position.

Ivan Vanchev

Clubnight Director

Akash studies Material Science at St.Cross, and he's going to be employing all his organisational skills to ensure that clubnights are run in the best spirit of enlightened despotism.

Akash Verma

Clubnight Director

Rachel is a third year biologist at Hilda's, famed for her vivid combination of pink strings and grip. She's returning to the position of league and cuppers secretary for the second year running, having successfully kept the college teams in line last season.

Rachel Prior

League and Cuppers Secretary

With the deadliest flick serve in the game, the shuttle will be over your head before you can say 'Civaram Sivakumaran'. And with a 100% pulling record when he adorns those fishnets, he's a man's man when in women's out ladies, its's simply impossible to resist this guy's seductive charm.

IT Officer